Shouning Road for Crayfish

I am not so crazy to crayfish as many of my friends. I would rather eat something normal. But Crayfish is quite a phenomenon when there is no crabs to eat.

Recently, the Shouning Road is getting hotter and hotter about THE place to go to eat crayfish. It is the typical Shanghai eatery street – very narrow, very crowded, and not clean at all, but tens of vendors, and shops gather there, along with many people rushing there after work.

I just give my foreign readers a headup – be prepared before you go, and it is the local stuff, nothing to do with decent restaurants, and lobsters (crayfish is translated to Little Lobsters).

Where is the Road

Shouning Road 寿宁路 is a very shot road. It is near People’s Square. Here is the map. Click Zoom in to see details of the area.


Look, this is what the street looks like via my Nokia N78 camera.

Vendors are washing the oyster.

This is the shop we went to the last time. Just ignore the logo – Hong Kong Sweetie. They sell alll kinds of things besides sweet soap.

Hope they offer more comfortable places to eat, but I know it is not possible at the current cost.

Their scallop is 5 RMB. Cheap, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Shouning Road for Crayfish

  1. There are alot of similar shops like this in China.

    I think I have been to this road.

    But where are the photos of Crayfish ?

  2. Should be sweet soup I think, and also Shouning road is a very short road. :)

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