Green Lotus Hotel of Yangshuo

The best way to explorer Yangshuo should be any of the nice hotel (including youth hostels), and hang out in the bars on the West Street.

The lobby (Yes, the little model in the middle is Yifan)

The view from the top of the hotel.

The hotel windows.

The entrance of the hotel from the river side.

The other side of the Lijiang River.

The view out side the window. Pretty nice, isn’t it?

My Review:

This is obviously a very family friendly hotel, with very nice hardware. It was built according to 5-star standard, but not a 5-star yet. This is the typical trick of many hotels. They claim to be 5-star or 4-star STANDARD, but not certified yet. Many of them, are just in the middle of opening and get certified. I heard the hotel must be running for a period of time before it is accepted for review. I guess Green Lotus Hotel is one of them, but some others just claim they build the hotel according to that standard, which does not mean that they are certified yet…

The service of the hotel is very nice. In most places, like the managers of the hotels always greet people, and the house keeping standard are very close to 5-star standard. You just feel that it is pretty like Shangri-la Hotel. However, there are many details that shows a much lower standard.

One of the small details was, the server in the cafeteria does not ask you the must-ask question “tea or coffee” at breakfast time, which means that they frequently miss to greet a guest, and don’t seat them. Also, they do things like ask guest to move to a table have they sit down, instead of move the forks, and knives to the guest. Well. I know I am over-picky here, but I am not talking about my preference, I just talk about the service of most 5-star hotels.

I believe the Green Lotus Hotel should be the best quality hotel of Yangshuo, and is suitable for families, especially with a kid.

Having said that, I have to say I regret that I missed the most exciting experience and maybe the best part of Yangshuo: backpacker type of travel. That is the cost of having a family and having Yifan traveling with us. I accept it. People always swing from nice hotel with good condition and service, and the local budget hotel which is not only cheap but also interesting. At different stage, people have different perference. Hope one day, when just Wendy and I travel, we switch back to the life style we like better: travel as a local, and stay away from 5-star hotels.

P.S. OK. Hope this article wraps up my Guilin trip, and I am getting back to normal life in Shanghai.

P.S. 2 The most interesting thing possible would be leave Shanghai for a week, and when you get back, you find many different new progress, like the poles Yanggao South Road viaduct at Gaoke West Road have been completed, and some new roads appeared near my home. Shanghai is really changing by weeks, while many other city change by year.

9 thoughts on “Green Lotus Hotel of Yangshuo

  1. To qualify as 5 star, they need to jave restauraunt and swimming pool too. Btw, how much is the rate ???

    Now, your story about Guilin really stole my heart. I will try to arrange to go there in oct.

  2. What is a Jave restaurant? They do have a swimming pool, according to the manual but I didn’t see it myself. It is 480 RMB per night for normal rooms, and 580 RMB per night for river view rooms. If it were a real 5-star hotel, the rate is very reasonably, maybe the cheapest one, but considering it is located in a county (smaller than a city), and all their competitors offers 60 RMB per room per night, it is very expensive.

  3. We took our two year old to Yangshuo and stayed in one of the backpacker hostels, no problem. Very pleasant stay, and our idea of inexpensive must be very different from yours. Having said that, Yangshuo was not a very nice place – too much commercialism.

  4. Hi Jianshuo, I think you should be the guy like travelling very much. The spring is coming,and the flowers is blowing. I heard there is a villiage called “滨海镇” in Pudong SH. Lots of Brassica campestris and peach blossom will blow all over the field. Very beautiful. And there are a lot young guy love to hike there. I think if you love the Brassica campestris and peach blossom, that would be a not good place.

  5. Green Lotus in Yangshuo was added on trivago website. I invite you to register and leave your review on it since you satyed tehre recently! this could be very useful for other members of the site! You’re welcome to post your nice pictures too. They really give a nice overview of how beautiful the region is!

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