Wrapping Up my Guilin Trip

I am packing up for my departure to Shanghai tomorrow. Good bye Guilin and Yangshuo.

  • It is good and important to take break at least every year to find time to spend with family.
  • People need to have a unique place to go to make a mark in memory about the year.
  • This is not a relaxed trip with Yifan, and my parents-in-law. As Wendy put it, we are learning to take care of people, and start to share the responsibility of a family. A big family trip proposes a much bigger challenge on where we stay, and where we eat.
  • We started with a cheap hotel (180 RMB per night) in Guilin, but immediately cancelled our booking in Youth Hostel in Yangshuo, and moved in to the local 5-star hotel. I just realize that we are no long the same person when we were a backpacker – a big family is not the right group of people to do that kind of trip.
  • Guilin is nice, and you have to spend time to find places that local people go – the Ronghu Lake, instead of the Elephant Hill..
  • The trip is like a trip in a city. I still preper destination like Sanya, where you stay at the beach, and far away from the city.
  • I am back with engergy to start my Q2

Shanghai, we are back!

4 thoughts on “Wrapping Up my Guilin Trip

  1. I thought you are already in Shanghai. So, you must have alot of time there.. blogging. I don’t like to carry my lap top around when I go holiday as they are a burden especially for safety and durability. So, I have more time with the family instead of with the lap top. Choosing hotel.. it depends. Some budget hotel can be nice. But if you spent alot of time in the hotel especially when you have a young kid, a better and more comfortable hotel would be a better choice. Ever consider coming to Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand ??

  2. Great, I hadn’t been to There before. Acturally I love traverlling very much. Sometimes Not everything can go well as your will. For example, I need take much time to prepare for the exam. And need to go work every day!

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