Hotmail Opens POP3

Yesterday, I tried to use Gmail to receive emails in Hotmail, and found out that Hotmail already opens POP3 access to all users. At least for me, I am in China.

Here is the necessary settings:

POP3 Server: (port 995)

Need POP SSL? Yes

User name: your Windows Live ID, like (Please note: you have to include the part, not just the name)

Password: your password

SMTP Server: (port 25 or 587)

Requires authentication? Yes

Requires TLS/SSL? Yes

That is. You can start to abandon slow and ugly interface.

8 thoughts on “Hotmail Opens POP3”

  1. Hehe, I have a hotmail account, but I never use it for sending/receiving email except logging in the window live messager.

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