16300 Dialup Internet Access

The other day Jack Gu reminded me that the easiest way for anyone to access Internet is still using dial up.

In today’s broadband Internet age, many people may already forget the existence of dial up network. It does exist, and is surely one of the easiest, and most widely available Internet access method. It is especially good for international travelers. Here is how you use it.

Number and Price

The most important piece of information is dial up number, user name and password:

Dial up number: 16300

User name: 16300

Password: 16300

Using this simple number, you can access Internet – yes, the whole Internet (I emphasize it is the whole Internet, because there is other ways to access only Internet in China, which is cheaper).

Cost: 3 RMB/hour

The cost will go directly with telephone bill.

Besides the 3 RMB/hour Internet fee. you still need to pay 0.02 RMB per minute for telephone bill (that is 1.2 RMB/hour).

Look at China Telecom website for more information (Chinese)

At national holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and 23:00 PM to 8:00 AM next day, it will be 50% off original price.

Why Dial Up

Jack mentioned to me that he has already unsubscribed from brand band and switched to dial up at home – to make things more inconvenient greatly reduce the time you spend on it. That is a good point. I am also considering the same to reduce my time used on Internet at home.

4 thoughts on “16300 Dialup Internet Access

  1. Don’t forget the time you spent on a dial up waiting, time is money. And you’ll freak out in a emergency. hehe~~

    Anyway, dial up is still a second choice when WIFI is n/a.

  2. If spending the few minutes can cause it more inconvenient to access Internet, thus reduce hours of time wasted on Internet surfing aimlessly, that worth it.

  3. Dial up ? Is dial up using the same as broadband ? Don’t you need

    a modem ? and the speed ?.

    As a traveller, I prefer free wifi.. and at the same time having a hot glass

    of thick coffee at some fast food chain or over at Starbucks. Nice veiw

    and cool atmosphere..

  4. I can’t stand the velocity of dial up. It is too slow. For now, there are more and more wifi. sites in the public. Most of them are free. So, I prefer to use them if I am a trvaveller.

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