Shoe Thowing

I got an email from a reader of mine who wanted me to post this message from him:

Dear China,

We wish to express American solidarity with China in sharing our disgust at the Cambridge shoe incident involving Premier Wen Jiabao.

We in the United States know how it feels to have a shoe thrown at your leadership, if you recall the Iraq incident involving our Former U.S. President George Bush.

Regardless of the messages intended by such actions, they are disrespectful and can convey rude posturing toward that nation.

So, as a single voice trying to convey the thoughts of millions in the Americas, I say that in the least we know how it makes you feel.

Hang in there, China. All our love and prayers!

– America.

Only after that did I became aware of the Cambridge Show Throwing incident. Then I checked Chinese news site, and video sharing site. The news is the top headline in Sina, and was mentioned by the CCTV News at 7:00 – 7:30 PM, according to the recorded video.

Hmm… It is not a big deal. I haven’t formed any oppinion yet. Just publish the message as my reader wished to first.


  1. The very rare “throwing shoe at world leader” trifecta is now in play.

  2. You are not a world leader until a shoe is thrown at you, or someone slaps a pie on your face.

  3. Rude posturing is sometimes required.

  4. 不就扔个鞋吗?小事一桩。

  5. It’s moving, good job!

  6. for you to publish the message, in itself is already a kind of position!

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