The Power of Convenience

I am a strong believer of the power of keeping doing one thing for really long time. Meanwhile, I just discovered the importance of being convenient.

My brother once joked

If you put a book into your restroom, you may become an expert of the area after a year.

To some extend, I think it is true.

My Inspiration in Luoyang

When I am back to Luoyang, I browsed the books on the bookshelf in my parents home – the place I grew up. I just realized I have read most of the books, from Electronic Appliance repairing, to computer, to encyclopedia. Interesting enough, I found out the reason why I know something – it is because the books are there, and I happened to have read it long time ago.

For some areas that I totally have no gift, like cooking, music, or novel, I cannot find any books related to it.

The Impact of Environment to Children

So I decided to start building a good bookshelf full of books of all areas in my home. Although there are great ways to help children to learn, such as training sessions, nothing is more useful than a book that is easily accessible at home.

Convenience and Keep Doing

Similarly, to have some interesting facility round one’s home is also very important for the quality of people’s life. It is all about convenience, and about how easy those things are available to you. Only when you make it so convenient for yourself can you really be able to keep doing it in a really long time.

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