HD90 Fake Renminbi Note


I just started to form the habit to write down the first four numbers of Renminbi note the first week of this year, the news of fake Renmibi note came out.

I never saw a HD90 note yet. It is pretty famous. Yesterday, we chatted that some people offered 360 RMB for a fake note, just to keep something special.

This event may serve as a PR for the numbers of RMB. The numbers on the note turned out to be meaningless – just as the serial number of CPU – the only thing for sure is, the numbers are unique.

3 thoughts on “HD90 Fake Renminbi Note

  1. I guess everyone needs to bring his/her own counterfeit money detector when he/she withdraws cash from a Chinese bank or a Chinese bank ATM because a Chinese bank never, ever admits it gives its customers counterfeit notes. So it is just another inconvenience to live with.

    As a Chinese saying goes, “One can see the whole world through a drop of water.” In order to undertand 5000-year Chinese history, religion, culture, tradition, mentality and ethics, you can just read this recent news story rather than wade through volumnous 2000+ blogs.


    Chinese monk kills priest, commits suicide: police


    Thursday, Jan 15, 2009, Page 2

    A Chinese monk visiting with a Chinese Buddhist delegation has committed suicide after killing another member of the delegation, police said yesterday.

    The murder took place at the Forte Hotel in Hsinchu, where the six-member delegation was staying, a duty officer from the Hsinchu Police Bureau said.

    The delegation from the Ling Gu Temple in Nanjing, China, arrived on Monday for a six-day visit at the invitation of the Hsuan Chuang Cultural And Educational Foundation.

    They checked into the Forte Hotel on Tuesday.

    When foundation members arrived at the hotel at about 8am yesterday to pick up the delegation for a tour, they found priest Jing Ran (淨然), 32, lying in a pool of blood on his bed, while Chun Ru (純如), a 52-year-old monk, had committed suicide by jumping from the rooftop of the 12-story hotel, police said.

    An initial investigation showed that Quan Ru had lost his entry permit and was chided by Jing Ran, triggering a quarrel.

    Late on Tuesday night or early yesterday morning, Quan Ru broke into Jing Ran’s room and hit him on the head with a table lamp before leaping from the rooftop, police said.

    “The monk killed the priest while the priest was sleeping. No one knew about it until the Chuan Chuang Foundation people came to pick up the delegation shortly before 8am,” a hotel employee said, asking to remain anonymous.

    In Quan Ru’s pocket, police found a note saying: “Call police to arrest me, then I can die in peace.”

    Members of the Chinese delegation said that Jing Ran had recently been chosen to become the director of the Ling Gu Temple.

    They said Quan Ru held a grudge against Jing Ran as he had often argued with him over how to run the temple.

    The Chinese temple is at http://www.szyo.com/place.php?id=218

  2. Jianshuo,please help me to delete the same message of mine.

    The speed of my internet is so slow that I can’t see my information in the first time,so…

    By the way ,happy 牛 Year to you ,your family and the readers,before the Chinese new year of 2009.

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