Drive on Nanpu Bridge for 3000 Times

This is a normal Friday in Shanghai. It is also around 498 days before the Shanghai Expo in 2010.

In the morning, Wendy and I drove along the Nanpu Bridge – how many times have we driven along this bridge? My rough guess is 2800 times. This is based on the following facts:

  • We have moved to Pudong in April, 2004
  • It has been 1700 days since we moved here.
  • Let me assume that I am visiting Puxi 5.5 days a week (some weekends, we still come to Pudong, but at as frequent as once every weekend)
  • That is around 1400 visits to Puxi from my home in Pudong
  • Since I am using Nanpu Bridge to get to Puxi 99% of the time, I am assume that I have run on this bridge for about 2800 times, which is likely to be 3000.

Is it a fair calculation?

The good thing is, recently, the scene on the west side of the Nanpu bridge is getting better and better. High-raising towers are countless (if you still think high-raising buildings are good things), and the Shanghai Expo site spreads behind it.

The China Pavilion has been structrually completed – it is a huge architect, with a big head and four big pole supporting it. I can see it everyday. However, it is not as beautiful was the picture shows yet – still about 1 year to complete.

For the Shanghai Expo, I am not as expected as to the Beijing Olympics. Actually, the Beijing Olympic turned out to be a short memory, and didn’t change China too much. Maybe we just need more time to understand the change.

Beautiful Xujiahui under blue sky in Shanghai.

10 thoughts on “Drive on Nanpu Bridge for 3000 Times

  1. hello jianshuo,i think my situation is just like you,every monday to friday,i go to work from pudong to puxi by crossing the nanpu bridge!but i think there is one different between us,that is you drive your own car ,but i sit the working bus,hehe.

  2. Hi, Carsten again. I saw your reply only now. I’m working at the 6th floor, the e-learning lab. You got my email from this form? Then send me an email, and we’ll meet. Cool, looking forward to it!

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