Where is This Tunnel

Anyone want to try to guess where this tunnel is? The only thing I want to tell is, that it is not Shanghai.

Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

Update December 19, 2008

DKwan got the right answer: it is Narita airport of Tokyo. Here are more photos of the nice tunnel.


  1. I would guess an Airport building. But where i dont know ;-)

  2. Looks very similar to an airport tunnel connecting two different gates in Bejing international airport, but I’ve been there 1,5 years ago so I cannot be sure…

  3. Yep – new Beijing terminal, I think (looks similar anyway) – underneath between ‘pods’ (forget the name they use at the airport).

  4. Fabrizio and Aussie Pete, it is not in Beijing…

  5. I guess Japan due to the Japanese-looking fire alert box – except there are no people, and it’s much wider than any place I’ve ever seen in Japan…

  6. Narita International. When I was there it was this empty too. :)

  7. DKwan, you got it exactly right – it is Narita International Airport – the long tunnel that very few people use. I think it is very nice .

  8. I was at Narita Intl airport just two weeks ago but do not remember seeing this tunnel.

  9. It is a tunnel that very rare place for people to visit – it connects a two remote terminal. I am adding more photos to this blog now.

  10. There is a similar tunnel in Paris afaik Chatelet – Les Halles – it even my be a little bit longer but in any case a lot more dirty…

    Nice blog…

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