Christmas Tree in Shanghai & Hong Kong

Christmas is coming. Although we don’t have tradition to celebrate Christmas, and people have different oppinions about whether we should celebrate Christmas in China, the Christmas tree is getting bigger and bigger in Shanghai, despite of the financial crisis.

Christmas Outside Grand Gateway


Swarovski X’mas Tree

Below is the Christmas tree inside the Grand Gateway.


Super Brand Mall

This is from the Super Brand Mall.


I saw this in Metro City.


and this outside the Grand Gateway area:


Hong Kong

I didn’t capture any tree in Hong Kong, but I saw this big wheel in IFC (International Financial Center).



My basic feeling is, Shanghai has more decoration and a little bit better than Hong Kong based on the places I visited so far. I may be highly biased since I only visited several towers in Hong Kong during my trip.

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  1. I come to read your blog from time to time, which always makes me calm down and think what I did in the past. Sometimes just to rush on everything and got no time to think about what you are doing, what you have done and what you are going to do.

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