Beautiful Thoughts with Beautiful Scene

Hello. Shanghai is so beautiful in early Winter. I don’t like very cold winter, or very hot summer. The feeling is so deeply left in my impression of the city, especially when you get into your car in winter – cooold, and in summer – hoooott.

But if you have to ask me Winter or Summer, which do you love better in Shanghai? I still may say, I love Winter better, at least Shanghai is relatively more elegent, more decent in winter.

Look at this picture I took inside the gate of the Shanghai Jiaotong University. See the leaves? See the trees? The color? The sunshine?

Photo by Jian Shuo Wang, uploaded from Nokia N78 via Shozu

A Break?

I am thinking about a break during my crazy days. In my current terms, a break means maybe two hours that I can sit under the sunshine inside a warm room with big glasses, and feel the warms of the Sun. It is so nice to be living in this lovely city, with a wife who I really appreciate, and a cute small boy just started to learn to walk (did I told you that Ayi told me that Yifan started to learn a very compliciated sentence “Don’t talk” 不要说话, after he was only able to say baba, and mama for many months?)


Didn’t have the weekend gathering of my friends for a long time – few years? Work and Yifan took most of the time. Sometimes, I just glance at friends’ blog, and know they are travelling or changing job (not too much in recent months before the financial winter comes). I am fine with the current status. People change a lot when they get a baby (something attractive to him/her suddenly become not attractive any more, just like meat to a monk…)

The winter is beautiful. and my thoughts also become beautiful…

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Thoughts with Beautiful Scene

  1. Life is short, and times are hard. Meanwhile, life is beautiful, and happiness is simple. Every one is in persuit of happiness. Maybe, it is just sitting under the sunshine for a while to have a break that means happiness. It is just a baby’s smile that makes the whole family happy. You are really enjoying the beautiful winter, beautiful thoughts and beatiful life. haha, so do I.

  2. Summer is best where women are more frivolous with their choice of clothing and try to get tanned. Oh wait I was thinking of the UK. Either type of weather is ok in Shanghai, the clothing style doesn’t change much abiet for a scarf or thick coat.

  3. as a student of Shanghai Jiaotong University, i am sure the campus in MingHang district is more beatiful. Welcome to Minghang campus

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