Mayfair (Paris Spring) is on Sale

Mayfair is a brand-shopping mall in Shanghai. With it first store at Xiangyang Road, and Huaihai Road, it started to open many stores in Shanghai these years, after the first store opened 10 years ago.

It is on sale today – only one day – on a Friday.

Most things are 50% off.

It is like crazy. I went there with Wendy, and took some pictures.

I went to BreakTalk and want to get some bread for dinner, only saw this:

All bread was gone.

There are people mountain and people sea… and everyone lines up at cashier’s counter for payment.

Guess what they are doing?

They were waiting for buy shoes. The shoes are not cheap – 100 USD or more for men’s shoes.

It is said in US, many shopping malls are on sale, but still not many consumer buy. In Shanghai, the economy is surposed to go down, and the consumer power is still there, especially at big sales like today.

P.S. The traffic is completely a mass, and all the roads 3 km around the shopping mall were fully jammed.


  1. jianshuo, there’s a English name for this mall, Mayfair.

  2. Wow! So many rich people! You’ re such a poor guy, having no bread to buy.

  3. Its funny that everybody start to give money for products not realy cheap only because of a sale ;-)

  4. $100 for men’s shoes? Too expensive for me.

    The US consumer spending is down, but I still see many people in the mall (here in St. Louis, Missouri).

  5. Nice pictures! Did you get them by iphone or digital Camera ?


  6. looks like phone cam

  7. pretty funny :)

  8. when did channel one department store along changshou road open? how is this mall? how do you get there taking the subway?

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  10. You can buy sneakers from Nike in the US for either $25 or $150 maximum but nobody really looks and no one feels nervous if they are wearing the lower end version.

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