Rating of Places Nearby Shanghai

Let me start with an email:

We know places aournd Shanghai like Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Shao Xing, Ningbo, Yang Zhou, ZhenJiang & towns like ZhouZhuang, Tongli, Xitang, Nanxun, Luzhi that can make a visit. What is yoru suggestion?

OK. Let me do a rating


I use a rating system of two rating only: “must see”, and “if you have spare time to kill”.

Hangzhou = must see

Suzhou = must see

Wuxi = if you have spare time to kill

Nanjing = must see

Shao Xing = if you have spare time to kill

Ningbo = if you have spare time to kill

Yang Zhou = if you have spare time to kill

Zhen Jiang = if you have spare time to kill

“Must see” means that the place is so interesting, so unique, that if you can make it, definitely go there.

Hangzhou is very different from Shanghai, and it has beautiful lake – west lake. Nanjing is the old capital (as Hangzhou), and there are many things to see.

For other cities, if you have time, do a visit. If you relocate to Shanghai, and you do have a weekend to kill, go there, but it is not at the level that you need to visit during a short 8 day trip in China. (Disclaimer: don’t get offend if I didn’t put your city into must see level. I just see everything from a tourist’s perspective)


For towns, the rule of thumb is, if you want to visit any of the town, you only need to visit one of them, and definitely not two in your 8-day China trip. You may want to visit others in your next trip.

Zhou Zhuang = first level

Tongli = first level

Xitang = second level

Nanxun = second level

Luzhi = second level

First level are recommended, and second level are not as good, but still interesting.

Hope this helps.

5 thoughts on “Rating of Places Nearby Shanghai

  1. Shao Xing=must see

    My point of view,it’s special from the others.

    it’s a quiet city ,feel relaxed,it’s unique.with long history and stories.

    walking for one hour around the city is a good choice 8-)

  2. Hangzhou = must see

    others are just normal ones. nothing special.

    for the old towns, i think you may just pick one randomly and have a visit there.

    most of the old towns here are similar to the others.

  3. I have only spent two days of my life in China, and one of them was thankfully spent in Hangzhou. It’s definitely a “must see.”

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  5. Hi there, u posted that wang yun xing jiu jia is your recommended restaurant in Hangzhou.What is good there? My family will be going to Hangzhou in December.Cheers

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