Wrapping up my Beijing Trip

I am back from Beijing, via train. Here is a short summary.

Train is Good

As I described earlier, train is efficient for business travel. But I realized there is one criteria for it to be efficient: you have to be able to sleep very well on the train. Like me, I am always sleepy, and I can sleep from the time I get to bed on the train until train is approaching the terninal station. For my friend, Jia, the trip is not that pleasant – he wakes up every one hour or sooner during the trip.

7 thoughts on “Wrapping up my Beijing Trip

  1. I LOVE train travel in China. Preferably the hard class sleeper 3 high without the doors to the “cabin” or the short walls. Lights are always out at 10 or so and the place is quiet ’til 6am. I always sleep well. It is a pity that modernisation is reducing the number of these particular arrangements in favour of the short wall type.

  2. i don’t think i can sleep on train, i used to sleep in the upper deck of the train for a night journey, and i kept on awake because the train was so shaky.

  3. I am in Shaoxing and plan to spend a week in Shanghai. I would also like to visit Bejing for a couple of days, maybe the Great Wall.

    Can anybody give me details of the train to Bejeing, maybe direct me to a website or caution me on any dodgy stuff ;).

    Alternatively, could I catch a train from Shaoxing. Then I could go to Shanghai.

    I end my ‘stint’ in Shaoxing, 18 November 2008 and fly out of Shanghai, 23 November 2008.

    Many Thanks.

  4. I like train travel too, and cheaper and more fun in China than in the US. My only complaint is the cheesy background music, but that’s just a fact of modern life I guess.

  5. I never sleep on train. When I’m on the train, I always full of excited, happiness, curious, such feelings like this. I always enjoy the scene out of the window and imagine the destination Mm~~, it’s not bad…

    Another reason for me no sleeping on the train is not safe enough…

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