Happy Birthday to Me

I am 31 now.

Look at this entry: Happy Birthday to Me. At the time I started blog daily, I was only 25. I cannot believe it.

It was a busy week. I could hardly stop a little bit to think about my birthday, and really take time to do some reflection to the past 31 years, and write something. I didn’t get the chance to stop and rest a little bit yet.

Wendy, Yifan, me and my parents are going to Xishan in Suzhou (not far, just one and half hour drive) for two days. Will be back on Sunday.

Work hard. Play hard.

That is me…

Happy birthday to me.

P.S. Thanks Wendy for preparing the trip for me, and Jia for sending the first birthday greeting to me.


  1. Happy birthday :)

  2. Happy birthday WJS!

  3. happY birthdaY!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jian shuo!

  5. Happy Birthday, Jian Shuo, Best Wish!

  6. Oh rats! I meant to remember ahead of time this year. Shame on me!!! Happiest of happy days to you, Jian Shuo. Enjoy the weekend with your family, and may the year ahead be good to you.

  7. Happy birthday, Jianshuo !!!

    I learned quite a bit from your blog :-)

  8. Hi! Jianshuo, happy birthay to you! ^-^ No wonder it’s full of sunshine today, and it’s supposed to be rainy by the weather forecast last night. I’ve sent some cute bee-pop penguins by email for your birthday, and hope you enjoy them. May you have a wonderful and warm birthday with your family.

  9. san shi er li ,happy birthday

  10. Happy birthday!!!

    I was also in Xishan early this month. I hope you enjoy your holiday!

  11. Work hard, play hard! good for you . Happy Birthday

  12. Happy birthday to you!

  13. hApPy BiRtHdAy tO yOu !!!

  14. Herzliche Gratulation zum Geburtstag!!!

    That’s German and means 生日快乐 Happy Birthday.

    My best wishes from Switzerland.


  15. Happy birthday, Jianshuo :)

  16. Thanks so much for your warm greetings! I know I am very lucky with a group of readers who I may expect a birthday greeting. I have much more than many people. That is so wonderful. I am very happy, everyday.

  17. Happy B’day

  18. Happy birthday! Happy everyday.

  19. happy birthday to you !

  20. Jian Shuo, Happy belated birthday and many happy returns!

  21. JS, Happy birthday!!

  22. I’m a little late here, but Happy Birthday to you my friend.

  23. WJS,

    happy birthday to you! You are still so young with so many more experiences to come. Enjoy Yifan, he will grow fast!

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