I Use Public Transportation Now

The traffic jam at around 8:00 – 9:00 in Shanghai has finally reached a point that driving is slower than taking public transportation. From the first day of the new season (October, or the new quarter, or you may call it the first day after the long holiday), I decided to use public transportation to commute to work.

Public Transportation System in Shanghai

The public transportation system in Shanghai is reasonably good now. With metro lines reaching many important places (unfortunately, not including my home yet), and many bus lines, it is very convenient to use the bus + metro or just bus combination to commute.

With a public transportation card in hand, the experience is more enjoyable. Just keep your card in your wallet, and swipe it as you enter the bus, or metro, just like the bus or metro is free. Without the hassle to find coins, or changes to buy tickets, it is really easier.

Morning Routine

I have tried to take 970 to the Lan Cun Road Station of Metro line #4, and transit to Metro Line #1. It takes about 1 hour, but you have to go up stairs and down for many times.

The other way is to take the Xu Chuan Line bus, and it directly take me to Xujiahui. It takes about 50 minutes if I get on board at 7:00 AM.

I wake up more than one hour earlier and try to go to bed one hour earlier than before.

9 thoughts on “I Use Public Transportation Now

  1. So far as I am concerned, an alarm clock really works in waking me up one hour ealier, while it’s so not easy for me to go to bed one hour earlier. I tried to get rid of the habit of going to bed too late, and I failed. Maybe I need a much stronger determination. Haha, that’s the reason why find that U just express your idea by “try to go to bed one hour earlier than before. ”

  2. I have recently moved to the apartment near my work place (5 mins walk), the rent is rather high but I can save time on travelling and wake up one hour later…

  3. Another benefit of the train that I’ve found – reading while going to work. You can’t do it while you’re driving, but on the train you can just power through novels, or magazines, or business books, etc. Much more productive and fun than listening to the radio in the car.

    Also, think of all the exercise you get from walking up & down the stairs. Something you don’t get while driving.

  4. Public transportation is good for one’s health.

    You now wake up earlier and go to bed earlier. What could be better? ;-)

  5. Paul, I don’t you can do the reading while taking Shanghai Metro at that peak hours… especially Line 1. Once you reach People Square Station, you will be squeeze like a sandwich.

    The best thing to do is listening to your mp3. Maybe play some interesting podcast tracks.

  6. Hi Jianshuo

    Congratulations on your 31’th !!!

    I was in Shanghai for a couple of weeks, just finished work, and going back to Europe on sunday.

    I rented a car at AVIS, and I found out by occasion, that the highway fee now can be paid by the transportation card as well :-)

    (It could not be done before).

    Then, noone can see WHEN you were going from A to B :-)

    So, one day when you use your car to Hangzhou, use your sptc (Shanghai Public Transportation Card – http://WWW.SPTCC.COM)

    Best reg’s to you Jianshuo, Carsten

  7. i always think the metro is the best transportation way here in shanghai. it’s economical, fast, and punctual. The only problem is metro can not reach everywhere and it ends early.

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