Float Over the River of Snoqualmie

Just get back from the river floating of Snoqualmie River. I am still waiting Ashish to send over the great photos he took when we were on the boat, let me tell you something about the wonderful experience.

The water fall of Snoqualmie river is just at where we stayed (Salish Lodge). I could not believe how close a resort can be with a big water fall like that.

We took the big raft for 6 persons down to the river. The water is cold – believe me. It is not as the water where Titanic sinks, but it is really cold.

If I would tell you that the experience was educational or I learned a lot, I just be lying, but it was really wonderful time to be on top of a calm river (at the later part when we were away from the rocks) in a boat, and to really spend time to discover how beautiful the natural can be.

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