Get to Airport Early is Important

I am in San Jose now – hello world! I am in San Jose!

There are several very tiny mistakes I took during the trip.

United Airlines, or Others

1. I am still flying with United. Many friends told me to avoid the airline, and try something else, like the India airlines. Maybe because of the tendency people have, I never thought of change before. UA858 is my first flight I visited the States, and since then, 10 out of about 11 visits to US is via UA858…. I am thinking about a change the next time.

With the excitement to visit a new country fade out gradually in the last 8 years, the requirements for the airlines get higher. The earphone does not work, the channel 9 is not available this time, and the water drops from the ceiling from time to time all contribute to a bad experience this time. The good thing is, however, I don’t care that much as before.

Book the Seat that you Care

2. I should have arrived at the airport earlier, or select my seat online the day before. Their seat selection starts 24 hours before departure. When I take the 10:00 AM Maglev train and arrive there around 10:30 AM, there is only one window seat left – my favorite. However, when I try to book it on the United EasyCheckin counter, it is gone. And even worse, there is no aisle seat. Hmm…. So I have to put myself into the slot between two seats – 32J this time. My favorite 46A (46A is the best seat on Boeing 747) is gone, of cause.

The next time for long trip, it should be better to get online to grasp the seat I like. I talked around the airplane, and find out that the economy seats start from row 32 to row 65. The window seats at the end of the airplane (at the irregular shape of the plane) enjoys both a window and the comfort space on the side as an aisle seat. Recommended

Trip Ahead

I am going to go downstairs to get something to eat, and then sleep for the afternoon. I have appointment from 7:00 PM tonight, and from that moment, I have booked all my wake time with appointments. I think I really fully utilized this trip with the more than 10 appointments.

2 thoughts on “Get to Airport Early is Important

  1. Welcome to SJ. I live in SJ and am currently visiting Shanghai! I took Korean Airlines with a stop in Seoul. The airfare was $800 per person, vs about $1300 for UAL. Worth a stop. Plus Korean Airlines has upgraded the fleet – LCD with video on demand even in economy, reconfigure the seats for more legroom, and decent food. If you like Korean that is. Plus the flight attendants are more helpful than on UAL.

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