Dinner with Mayors in US Again

This is the second time I host the dinner of US Mayor Delegate (see the

last dinner). As always, it is part of my highlights in normal daily life.

The dinner was again at the Lugang at the opposite side of the Jin Jiang Hotel. (This is the traditional place for NCUSCR gatherings.)

I am happy to meet with Sam Adams in person, the Mayor-elect of the city of Portland, Oregon. I am particular interested in Portland since I have a brother in Portland. He sits on the right side of me during the dinner. We also have David Everitt, the Chief of Staff of Office of the Mayor in Salt Lake City. The other mayor is Mayor from Northglenn, CO, Kathleen M. Novak, and Albuquerque, NM mayor Martin… (I hope I record everyone’s name correctly, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

Along with the mayors joining the dinner include Ken Rosenfeld, and Donald J. Borut of National League of Cities, and Katherine Forshay from NCUSCR (thanks for coordinating everything), and last, but not the least, my respected friend and leader, Stephen A. Orlins, President of the National Committee on US-China Relationships.

With their permission, I am recording the wonderful dinner, so maybe in the years to come, we can reference to this blog entry at least to remember who came. :-)

Here are some of the topics I feel interesting to discuss. I do want to write more about what we talked (a chance for me to share my thoughts about China issues), but it is already 0:10 AM, and I am flying out to San Francisco via UA858 (need to leave home at 10 AM) to catch flight, AND, I didn’t pack anything for my trip yet. So let me just record it with future articles on it.

  • What’s your view on pollution in China?
  • How do you view nationalism in China?
  • Why it is so hard for people in China to get to us?
  • If you are given a US passport, will you take it? Why?
  • Democratic implementation in China.
  • Generally, is there positive or negative expectation about the future?
  • Tell more about the education system in China? What is Hukou?
  • Do you think Expo can bring good to Shanghai? How about Olympics…

Again, for all my mayors and staff of NLC and NCUSCR, thanks for joining me in the dinner, and I enjoyed it a lot. I just hope packing my cloths and things for US trip is as pleasant…

2 thoughts on “Dinner with Mayors in US Again

  1. You’d better pack your things now, and have a nice sleep this night.

    May you have a nice trip tomorrow.

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