3 Days to 6th Anniversary of Blogging

Three days from today, Sept 11, is the 6 year anniversary of my blogging. I cannot believe that I have been blogging almost daily for 6 years. Wow. Isn’t exciting to review all the 2118 entries in the last 2187 days?

I am thinking about what I should do to celebrate the event (in courtesy of people who cares about the 9-11 events, I want to say, this is just an coincident, and that coincident was not intentional).

One year ago, when I celebrated my 5 year anniversary of blogging, I happened to be in the Six Apart’s office (the maker of MovableType, the wonderful software I am using for blog in the last 6 years). They had a wonderful gathering for me and a nice chocolate birthday cake. Ginger in Six Apart was so kind that she still remember 11th is my birthday (to be exactly, it is my blog’s birthday), that she asked about it via email yesterday. Thanks Ginger and the team.

I am not going to do any offline celebration this time, since on that day, I will be on the plane from Beijing to Shanghai, but I do want to do some thing special – instead of give my readers surprise with an announcement on that date, let me do a 3 day in advance notice of the important day for me (for the first time in the last few years), so if you have any ideas, please share. As always, it is not just an anniversary of a blog, it is a milestone of this great community. The 28,269 comments I received so far are still the main part of this blog – in terms of users contributing, total words, diversity of POVs, and even helpfulness. We should celebrate, shouldn’t we?

P.S. Here are the previous entries about the big milestones of this blog:

9 thoughts on “3 Days to 6th Anniversary of Blogging

  1. congratulations~

    here’s one: top 10 commentators, or the most **est commentator(s), selected by a 50-50 percentage, you and the commentators. ISn’t that fun?

  2. Wow, happy 6 year anniversary! That’s fabulous.

    Yeah, we shoud celebrate, and a big celebration is required. Then what’s it ?

    Hmm, let me think…

  3. wow,congratulations!

    you are great ,can insist to do one thing for 6 years!

    but i just read your blog for half a year ,i will insist to reading later……

  4. It’s amazing! I can’t believe that one can insist blog almost everyday in six years and will continue…

    Congratulations to you, JIanshuo!

  5. @iworm, I didn’t notice the WordCamp is coming to China. For schedule reason, I will not be in the WordCamp this time. As you know, I am a firm MovableType fan, and around the time, I may be in the Six Apart office in San Francisco. I think they may want to host similar events…

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