Going to Shanghai Olympic Football Game

Ticketing Office

The ticketing office is not as crowded as I thought. Maybe it is because of the very long time of ticket selling. You can get there and take a ticket without lining up.

When I get to the ticket office, half of the tickets have been sold up. Most of the men’s football tickets have been sold out, and most of the women football tickets are still available.

Sign of the ticket counter, and entrance.

This is my ticket. It is not very expensive – 100 RMB per person. It is class D ticket, the cheapest ticket in that game. I am not a serious football fan. I just thought that I should experience at least one Olympic Game when the game is running in my city.

The game is on August 18th, 2008. It is women’s quarter-final.

I am Looking Forward It

I am looking forward to seeing the game 10 days later with Wendy, and my parents. I am still thinking about whether we should bring Yifan there. I tend to do it, but just thinking about how to solve the logistic problems, and whether Yifan will be scared by the game.

This is the venue – the Shanghai Stadium. Many soccer games happen here.

4 thoughts on “Going to Shanghai Olympic Football Game

  1. I also bought tickets for a game yesterday. While deciding what game I wanted to go to while I ate, half of the games that were available earlier had sold out. Oh well. I still get to go to one.

  2. Jianshuo,

    Enjoy the game. I think Women’s soccer is becoming better and better. I hope I could be in Shanghai and be closer to the Olympics. Maybe next time when Shanghai host Olympics :-)

    Here in the States, NBC did not do the live broadcasting of opening ceremony, they played the video in prime time (US time) to make the advertisers happy, while making many fans angry. Oh, well, business is business :-)

  3. Hi,

    Where can I buy the tickets for football? I am planning to go to shanghai this saturday to score tickets on the game ;-)


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