Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

I am still watching the opening ceremony of the Games. Now about 100 countries have entered the Bird’s Nest.

I Love it

I love the opening ceremony. It is full of imagination, and has deep culture roots. I specially enjoy the part with Chinese characters. I am happy to say, the opening ceremony is at least beyond my expectation.

Image Credit: AP via Yahoo!

Image Credit: AP via Yahoo!

Image Credit: AP via Yahoo!

Your Comments?

My friends, how do you feel about the opening ceremony? Which part do you like most?

26 thoughts on “Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

  1. The opening ceremony is pretty good especially the anciant culture part.

    Actually I’m still waiting. I hope the part of lighting the main torch can be my favorite.

  2. I love being able to check in here to see how everything is going, and I will be thinking about you and your family tonight when we sit together with ours to watch the time-delayed opening ceremony. From your pictures, it looks as though it will be truly spectacular!

  3. Hi Carroll,

    Yes. I heard that in US, you have to see the delayed broadcast. I love the ceremony very much, although I have very high expectation for it. The ceremony just ends 40 minutes ago. Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Have u ever heard that the govement attached incredibly importance to the copyright of anything related to Olympic this time,and that includes the pics about the opening ceremoly.And that means your blog herer is illegal.

  5. i can’t believe i missed it half-intentionally without being guilty(that’s weird) or curious

    enjoy yourself, though, if you do find it interesting and fun~

  6. There are 2 facts i noticed with some interests though:

    1 According to Phoenix TV, THERE IS A DELAY of 15 seconds.

    and see this, then choose one version you want to believe.

    “CCTV to broadcast Olympic events live without delay”


    2 Sina blog closed all comments around 19:59 , opened it again around 01:20 check some sina blog to get some hard evidence if you don’t believe this.

    and i don’t have to comment on CCTV’s professionalism, do i? i almost don’t watch it anyway.

    again, if you do find this ceremony interesting and fun and maybe some pride thing, enjoy yourself~~

  7. Guys, I think we don’t need to criticize the delay of broadcasting the live show although only 15 seconds or we could not comment in Sina Blog or anywhere else. It’s not important compare with the opening ceremony at all.

    We just know this is a wonderful, incredible, great opening ceremony. I am proud of China. I love China.

  8. As a Chinese,I have been used of watching such show as a part of some great festivals,like the annual show for Chinese new year on CCTV,that is why i am surprised seeing you like the opening and are impressed by Chinese Culture!Tks:)

    There are now some chinese damning the general director,Zhangyimou,they are not satisfied with the show,culture shock?

    And I will be happy to know how you like the thematic melody?in my opinion it’s a little sleep guiding.

  9. the final part where the torch lighted by a man hanging (and pretending to run across the wall)…tht was superb!

  10. I was very moved by the opening ceremony, awed by the skills and organization it took to manage so many people into such complex performances. Perhaps there’s a message, that in a truly harmonious society many people will work together to do great things. I loved the scroll, the idea of Olympiads creating colors on the painting by walking across it, the pictures of Yao Ming with the little earthquake boy (he seemed much younger than 9), the lights from the audience and of course the lighting of the torch. Wow.

  11. I like Li Ning “run the sky carrying the torch”. Not only this is difficult, but also a huge personal redemption for him. I remember he won 3 gold medals in 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, but when he failed badly in 1988 Soul Olympics, many people blamed him and some even ridicued him (including somereporters). He kept his head down, built the China’s own sports brand in last 20 years.

    I think he earned the honorable role as the last torch bearer, due to many contributions in his post “Olympic chaimpion” life.

  12. I was unable to watch the opening ceremony. :-( Does anyone know if it will be broadcast again?? I’m hopeful, but can’t find anything on the net about it. Thanks.

  13. Hi, I also missed the opening ceremony. if anyone knows of a TV Network that will replay, please post ASAP. thank you!

  14. 15-second delay? I checked CCTV via satellite vs. the live stream from Channel 7 in Australia and CCTV was actually ahead by a second. Kevin Rudd must’ve introduced a 16-second delay. You bastard!

  15. Hello!

    I really liked the opening ceremony, quite impressive.

    But while watching I had the feeling the footprint were like a computer animation…

    I was right: the footprint we saw at the TV was not real, it was computer generated:

    They should have told us, or write it on the screen… I feel a bit cheated.

    But whatever happen only a few will know, billions will not know and have been astonish. Thus they will reach their goal in a not totally fair way.

  16. For those whom missed the show,

    I taped it (with VHS). There got to be someone you know who taped it as well.

    Call around.

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