Business is Business

Business is an interesting game.

It is like online game, with strategies playing a role, with execution, with resources, with consistency, with strong minds, with sense of directions, with changes we have to make every day… It is just like a wonderful, interesting, powerful, but complicated game.

Business is really a game.

P.S. This is the fourth entry I wrote with exactly the same title: Business is Business.

The first time was in 2002: Business is Business. That was just before I started to run the ESS business for Wicresoft.

The second time was in July of 2007: Business is Really Business. That was a short summary of what business means to me.

The third time was in Oct 2007. Business is Business, but at that time, the term business really mean finance for me.

Today, the “business” does mean business.

3 thoughts on “Business is Business

  1. Business is s-e-x business

    In 2002, 66-year-old Jack Welch, (the idol of this blogger), divorced his 49-year-old wife due to cavorting with 42-year-old Harvard Business Review female editor. While Jack, ex-chairman of General Electric, (dubbed “toughest boss in America” and “”Manager of the 20th Century”) acted like a superhero, outsiders had the chance to have a glimpse of his DIRTY business through, ironically, his battle of s-e-x paper including his outrageous and infamous retirement compensation package.

    Business is fool-you business

    In 2007, the housing and credit bubble created by wall street bursted. But the wall street received 33.2 billion US dollars for 2006 and 33.7 billion US dollars for 2007. The bonus for 2008 is only expected to be reduced by 30%. Who are the fools at this poker table? the worldwide investors lost 2 trillion US dollars in 2007 and another 4 trillion US dollars in 2008 already.

    Business is Kong-fu-panda business

    After spending more than 40 billion US dollars, the panda is opening up its arms to welcome everyone to Beijing. But the city looks like a ghost town now: restaurant, bar, mall, everywhere is empty except uniformed or plaintiff policemen. The local newspaper estimates Beijing will earn 200 million yuan or 30 million US dollars. No one knows how a ghost town could earn 30 million dollars back. But with a decade of hard work and 40 billion dollars down the drain, only a panda’s mind can find it a worthwile business.

  2. They don’t do it for Beijing alone. They do it for trillion of products with “Made in China” brand on it. After this Olympic, people will have more respect for that brand and will buy more of it.

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