Monday, Tuesday, … Olympic

A normal Monday.

In the morning, when I wanted to turn right onto the Xianan Road at my residential area gate, it is already full of cars, and for the first time, a policeman stood there helping to guide the traffic.

This is due to the recent accident on the Jinxiu Road, where the metro construction or the Shanghai Expo Electricity Power Tunnel (who knows which project) caused the road to collaps. All the traffic to Jinxiu Road and Chengshan Road was detoured to the other side of the road, making it so hard for everyone. Roads are roads – they require maintainance and sometimes, collaps… :-(

It is just three weeks before the Oympics in Beijing, and people are counting down for it. However, the recently, most of the news is about restriction, instead of celebration.

In Shanghai, it is still OK. Just saw more policemen on the street, and the Shanghai Stadium Area was closed to public. Shanghai, as one of the co-host city for Olympic, does not have too much sign of the coming Games yet.

The only major thing I observed was the traffic signs.

On the elevated highway and expressways from the Pudong Airport to the Beijing 2008 Hotel – Huating Hotel, the big sign to Huating Hotel with “Beijing 2008” logo on top of the signs are along the away and are at all the key turning point. Besides the Huating Hotel, the Shanghai Railway Station, and the Pudong Airport are other two locations with similar signs everywhere.

Other than that, what is the difference? Let me think – think hard, and we really don’t have too many change so far.

Today is Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday…. Soon, the Olympic will come. It really will come.

5 thoughts on “Monday, Tuesday, … Olympic

  1. “Beijing welcome you”: that is what they say for Beijing olympics.

    But they are so crazy about “security” that they see everyone as a threat, thus they kick out many foreigners from China, prevent many more to come, kick out mingong and farmers from Beijing (Are they not real Chinese like every other Chinese? or are they second class Chinese that worst only to work as hell for us to build our building, provide us food, and work in factory to produce cheap goods. Bullshit!! they are egal to all other Chinese, and have the same right to go to Beijing try to enjoy the Olympics)


    Since I am in China I have seen many real welcoming Chinese people… But if the gov continue this way (restriction, control, etc…) it will really not give a good image of China, and the gov will be the only one to blame.

  2. I participated in the organization of the torch relay in xi’an. The government treat the game as a policial thing. they are nervous about that, trying ot do anything to avoid any mistakes. It is necessary but a little bit more.

  3. Olympic game is such a big huge thing, can’t belive it will come so soon less than one month~

    as an important international event, it’s neccessary that we have loaded more strictly restriction~everyone should give this policy more understanding

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