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This morning, we announced in our office that we are going to change our brand from Kijiji to Baixing, a more localized brand. The transition has been completed, and is directed to from yesterday.


  1. wow. look forward to hearing more about this on your blog, if you can share.


  2. hah, that’s great! how come you guys never thought about that?

  3. good idea! This name will be easier for chinese to remember.

  4. i think, 生活网 is also a good name.

  5. The visit was useful. Content was really very informative. From

  6. Hay, congratulations! Will you have a new slogan for

  7. Kijiji sounds much more interesting.

    Baixing… so blah.

  8. well, I always had a hard time remembering how to spell Kijiji, so Baixing is a welcome change :)

  9. Hi Mr wang, could you give me a explanation about the meaning of baixing? And, in addition, I just visited one minute ago. I found some code can not work on the homepage. The logo on the left top of the page is not available, the logo of ebay on the bottom of the page can not display as well.

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