I Got my Nikon 50mm 1.8D

Yes! I got a new lens! Very excited. I can capture more photos for Yifan.

I love it. I love it a lot.


  1. How much is it

    why don’t you get 50 1.4? i thought the price will be around 2,000 RMB.

  2. 50 F/1.4MM is a must have prime Nikkor lens. later u will eye on 85mm :)

  3. It is 760 RMB. I just want to be conservative in selecting lens. I know there is no end for any lens.

  4. hehe, good. But i think 85mm is more suitable for portraits, 50mm is a little too short. anyway it’s still a very good lens.

  5. for 760 RMB is good deal. Wish you take more great pictures!

  6. it’s a good lens, i’d used it for 2 years.

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