It is Gaokao Time

These two days are the time for GaoKao, or the National College Entrance Exam.

In Cixi, Ningbo, middle school students filled the hotel we stayed. In Zhejiang, students all check-in to hotels to have better rest during the noon, and night, since it is generally closer to where the test is held.

Just now, Wendy gave me some sample questions of this year’s Gaokao. Pretty frustrating that I know the answer of none of the questions. How embarrassing.

13 years ago, Wendy and I also attended the Grand Exam – my favorite is English, 900 out of 900, the top of the province, and Wendy’s highest score is on Mathematics. She got 148 out of 150, also almost the top of the whole province. We turned out to be the first and the third place of students entering SJTU in 1995. We worked together as a family very well – I write English blogs, and call to US banks for her to settle down stock issues, and she always calculate the total amount when we went to the grocery store.

Best wishes to the students of this year!

4 thoughts on “It is Gaokao Time

  1. Given that improving the education system ranks among the highest priorities of the Central Government, I wonder if politicians still believe the Gaokao system really is and will continue to be the best way to ensure the largest possible pool of talented graduates ready to take on the upcoming challenges that globalization brings about.

    Does anyone know if the Central Government has ever considered an alternative? What would it take to push such a paradigm shift through?

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