Juilliard Orchestra Coming to Shanghai

Good news. Juilliard Orchestra is coming to Shanghai Grand Theater from June 4, and June 5.

I would completely ignore the event since the embarrassingly lack of knowledge of dancing, drama, and music – the area Juilliard School enjoys international fame, but because of YLF, the situation changed a lot.

During the 2007 Nanjing trip of YLF, I had the honor to meet with the president of Juilliard School, and he spent about 2 hours explain why art (especially, dancing, drama and music) can help the society. It was exactly at that time people debate so heatedly about whether to spend money on poverty, art or space technology. Just FYI, the most extreme quote from the discussion was “every dollar spent on art is killing some one somewhere – people are referring lack of resources to fight against poverty. Anyway, that was a wonderful discussion.

They just had a phenomenal concert in Beijing days ago, and will come to Shanghai. Here is the press release

I feel that I need to do something to make sure it is a great event for students in Juilliad School. So here is the short advertisement:

If any of you might be interested in buying a block of tickets for clients, associates, please you can contact Wang Min of Shanghai Grand Theatre at wangmin AT shgtheatre.com.

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