How Many Mobiles do You Have?

How many mobile phones do youyu use on daily basis? I have one. If you count the SIM card in my CDMA Internet access card in my laptop, I have two. But I have a friend, who has much more than that.

Xuetao is my friend in Dopod.

He always have new numbers for me to contact him. When I want to call him, I look up my address book in my Dopod mobile phone, and he occupied many entries in it:

  • Xuetao Shanghai
  • Xuetao Beijing
  • Xuetao SMS
  • Xuetao China
  • Xuetao
  • Xuetao Chen
  • ….

Even after that, I still receive SMS from numbers I couldn’t recognize – and many of them turned out to be his new number.

I complained to him about the confusing numbers when I was in his home last Saturday, after he  mentioned that in Shanghai, on average, everyone buy 1.1 mobile phones per year.

In his living room, he showed me the SMS cards and mobiles he is using.

Wow. I was shocked.


He added: all the SIM cards are currently valid, and he is still using them. He has written mobile phone numbers on the back of some of his cards.


These are the mobile phones.




I guess I won’t complain, since I just have a fraction of his mobile phone numbers.

How many mobile phones do you have?

10 thoughts on “How Many Mobiles do You Have?

  1. i only have the one number and phone. The only people I know with more then one are students to who travel home often and that is only two. Also in eight months only three of my friends have bought new phones and one of them is a Westerner who needed a iphone for his work. So I don’t know about his a new phone every year fact.

  2. I have two, one is my personal cell phone, the other one is the support mobile.

    When the Blackberry (support mobile) rings, it means that there’s a production issue that I have to firefight….

  3. i have no word to say about this

    i think your friend should visit his shrink

    and i always think that a lot of city people have this kind situation

  4. Is that N73 in your first pic? God I’m using that one and you make me feel so unfair since in some people I know share using only one MP with their families.

  5. I only have one,most of people who should only get one phone,I think,except for some person who has lots of transaction,it can cost saving when it’s necessory to answer photo in a foreign city.

  6. dun understand why your friend need so many numbers. I am sure he is not into business. Because the dynamically change number, he will lost all this business contacts. None of your business contact is able to keep in touch with him and updated with the frequently change numbers. hehe…

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