Three Best Neighborhoods in Pudong

Don’t be shocked by the firm tone of the title. Well. I would say, my three most favorite places in Pudong for coffee or dinning.

The Decision Making Process of Moving to Pudong

When Wendy and I bought our current apartment in 2003, many places in Pudong seem empty (except the Lujiazui area) while all of them seem promising. We choose somewhere that is, basically a suburb area,  AND is promising.

I wrote many articles about the moving to Pudong 5 years ago, and the articles so many that I created a category for it: Moving. Here are the articles:

I already said: "Bye Bye, Pudong", and "Continued to Seek for an Apartment", but finally decided to move to Pudong so my "Life in Pudong Started". If you are interested, maybe you can use the time-back machine (my blog entries) to understand why. 5 years past, when we reviewed our decision, we can see it more clearly.

Pudong Develops but Area by Area

In the last 5 years, three really good neighborhood emerge, according to my standards – good restaurants, good coffee shops, and good environments.

The first one is the Biyun International District. The shops and restaurant near the football court is great.


The second is the Liangyang Neighborhood. The Thumb Square is an emerging center in Pudong. There are hotels (Radisson) and restaurants, and shopping centers. My favorite – very rare in Shanghai – they also have a Zendai Museum of Modern Art.


The third is just opened. It is Jinyan Road, on the other bank of the River (Zhangjiabang River) of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. A Starbuks coffee was opened one month ago, and become the nearest Starbucks for me.


There are many other areas in Pudong that are nice, but these are the most frequently visited places for me. Hope you like it.

There are three things in common in this three neighborhoods:

  • The buildings are all not rectangle – strange space, and twist in direction
  • There are river, or nice parks nearby and high-raising apartment buildings
  • They all have a nice Starbucks Coffee at the entrance


Future in Pudong?

With the World Expo, maybe, the south bank of the Huangpu River may start to boom, and with the plan of a new commercial center one block away from my current apartment, I hope another "nice neighborhood" start to grow near where I am.

5 years ago, there are no such places in Pudong, and now, it turned to very good and promising places.

In the next 5 years, I hope not only more and more buildings were built (I don’t want to see it), there should be some good "neighborhoods". This term is not familiar to many people, but with the emerge of the nice places I mentioned above, people may start to love the feeling that a place is not only building, but there are streets like I showed, and there are LIFE in it. I am looking forward to seeing more "raising stars" in Pudong.

8 thoughts on “Three Best Neighborhoods in Pudong

  1. Hi JS,

    may I know how much did you pay for your house? How many square metres is it? What is the current average prices for houses in SH now?

  2. JS, I love your “Starbucks theory of real estate development.” For those of us who want to quickly look for where there is a pleasant combination of restaurants, shops, and other amenities, all you have to do is look for the Starbucks it seems!

  3. the shops are very similar in those area, carrefour, pizza hut, starbucks, japan noodle …

  4. My family live around the Thumb Plaza. Everything here has gotten very convinient, but also EXPENSIVE! There used to be nothing in 04, now many shops are raising, but so is the cost of living. Because the developers are charing too much rent.

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