Expressways in Shanghai – Part II

The illustration of this map below (I draw it today), and the description of the previous entry: Expressways of Shanghai


Update on this map:

A6, A7, and A5 is completed, as well as the A30 south section.

Please continue this  article with part I, where I introduced all these expressways.

Update: here is the "official" version of the same map as I draw – much more professional, and more useful.

4 thoughts on “Expressways in Shanghai – Part II

  1. Anyone can tell me what the average traffic speed on these freeways is, please? I want to find out if I live in Shanghai for a while… Thanks!

  2. thanks, Jian. and how about actual traffic’s average speed? eg. during rush hours, business daytime, weekend, and midnight?

  3. Typically, you can expect 60 KM/hour, and in some sections, like all the expressway near A20, it can be slower in rush hours. In sections outside A30, it is common that people drive at around 140 KM/hour.

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