Taiwan Election – Ma Wins

Last night, we left home and went to watch Phoenix TV in Zhangjiang. The final result of the Taiwan Election came out, and Ma won.

During the whole day, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, about it on all the channels I can receive on my TV. It is as if there is nothing called “Taiwan Election” in the main stream media in China. There is some coverage on the Internet, of cause.

Phoenix TV is the only TV station covering the vote, and they are doing a whole day coverage of the election.

My comment? I don’t have too much source of information about the election, and didn’t know too much. I think I will need more time to dig into details about the Taiwan Politics – don’t take it for granted that I know everything. However, I am very interested in what is happening in Taiwan, since it sheld some light about the future of mainland China.

No matter what, I think people in Taiwan is lucky – to have advanced in the democratic path, although the path is not smooth, and sometimes seem naive when the journey gets started – as every democratic society did – but it provides a way for the people, as a whole, to correct mistakes, and to evolve the society for the good of the whole people. I will certainly keep an eye on it.

6 thoughts on “Taiwan Election – Ma Wins

  1. You can watch Phoenix TV on your computer. Just install PPlive or PPstream, or other P2P net TV software.

  2. Yes, Taiwan is the only Chinese democracy in the world (though its gov’t disappointed me by refusing to acknowledge mainlanders its lawful citizens and to issue passports to them). May God bless you, Taiwan!

  3. Impressively (at least to me!) Mr. Ma is the only head of state of any country whose hand I have actually shaken! I happened to be in Taipei during the time he was running for election as Mayor. He was campaigning at the Night Market when our group was there, and since his sister happens to live in our city, we had a delightful and extended conversation with him. I am not well-versed in the politics of his country, but I can attest that he was a very nice man, and extremely cordial to a group of international visitors even though we were not going to generate any votes on his behalf :-)

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