CZ3456 Black Box Audio Revealed

It was a air disaster 11 years ago.

Now, the audio of the last 12 minutes were released:

The audio

(via Robermao)


  1. OMG – so scary (and sad)… as a very frequent flyer, things like this make my skin crawl… :(

  2. Could someone give a rough translation of what was said? Thanks in advance!

  3. sad thing….will watch it later.

  4. You can see the chinese text at that web site.

    Otherwise, thank you for sharing.

  5. cw, I don’t speak Mandarin either, but my wife and I went through this together— The pilot apparently, screwed up his first approach in heavy rain, landed much too hard, which damaged the plane—interior fixtures, and seats—naturally I’m sure the passengers were going wild—- but the plane was still air worthy (an almost brand new 737) —so then he realized he didn’t have good orientation with the ground, and pulled up back into the socked in weather—-it rattled him, and he blamed the controls, rather than his skills, and made another approach that failed. On his third, and final approach he crashed short of the runway, I believe… It was an example of arrogance and fear in the captain’s seat—-after the first event he should have diverted to an alternative airport that didn’t have weather problems.. According to other articles, this pilot had over 12,000 hours, wihich should show significant skill and experience. Will never know what was in his mind, since all on the flight deck died, although some passengers survived.

  6. It was too hard to really recall what is going on. The final words of the captain was pretty scary.

  7. Wow, sad story, thank you Kim for the translation. We never know what will happen in the next minute. Maybe there is a God who has set our lives on the line.


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