Suggestions for Family Vacation Trip to Shanghai

Today, I am trying to help another reader. I will provide answers inline. (Although I think the knowledge base type of article is more helpful than the random Q&A, I hope this type of Q&A also helps)

Hi,am planning a trip to Shanghai this March with my husband and 3 teenage kids. We will arrive in Shanghai Pudong Airport at 12:05am of March 20, 2008 (early morning) and will depart on March 23, 2008 at 12:55am (early morning too). Was trying to trying to check the web for bus and train schedule from Pudong Airport to downtown but it seems that their services do not run up to early morning. Can you help me and/or suggest/provide information on:

(1) how to get reliable transportation from airport (early morning -around 12:30am of March 20, 2008) to downtown Shanghai for 5 persons with some small luggage and also for our transfer to Pudong Airport on the evening of March 22 for our 12:55am flight on March 23

My suggestion is to get a van. Normal taxi only takes 4 passengers and obviously, it is too small for you. After you get to Shanghai, exit at the International Arrival Hall, and on the right most stand is for vans. You can check with the airport to find a van. There are two types: 7 seats, and 11 seats. The price is almost the same as taxi (a little bit more expensive)

(2) what good, clean and reasonably priced hotel to stay in downtown Shanghai – somewhere in Nanjing road or near Nanjing road. I show a Bailemen Hotel (is is a good location? Is it reputable and clean? Coz I will be there with my 3 kids)

I hope this page (cheap hotels) provides some background information, and I guess you may already read some of the pages if you search hard enough on this site. To give specific answers to your question, I would suggest that you don’t really need to stay near the Nanjing Road if you want to save money, and the road is easily accessible via Metro. Bailemen is near that region, but I don’t have any idea about whether it is clean or not.) However, most of the 3 – 5 star hotels in that area is generally good.

(3) as we will be staying only a few days in Shanghai (March 20-22), do you suggest we rent a car or a taxi? If so, can you suggest one for us? I read from your blog a few weeks back about a taxi driver you met (with his cell phone number, but I did not copy it it then) who drives a big taxi good for 5 and who speaks English.  May I have his name and number again please?

Definitely NO CAR! To rent a car in Shanghai for sightseeing is the craziest thing I can imagine. Don’t every think about it. To rent a taxi is maybe a better idea. Depends on how much budget you have, having a taxi going everywhere with you is a good idea, if you want to be convenient – and especially when you have many people, the price is even not too much higher than taking metro. The other way, you can also call taxi when you need – there are many taxis on the street that you can easily find one – unless it is rush hours in the morning or night, or it is raining. Sorry but I don’t know which taxi driver you are talking about. Call 6258000 to book a taxi – I do it every time I need a taxi.

(4) can you please suggest which places for us to go or visit during this short stay of ours? We have been to Shanghai some 7 years ago but am sure the kids barely remember the places we have been too. I have checked on the Frommer’s (destination guide book) web site and found some interesting places:

    a) Jin Mao Tower?
    b) Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum
    c) People’s Park/People’s Square
    d) Shanghai Ocean Aquarium
    e) Peace Hotel
    f)  Xin Tian Di
    g) Bund Sightseeing tunnel

Can you suggest which of these places to go to and their sequence so that we will not be back tracking from one place to another? And also how to get to these places – by bus? taxi? rented car? walking? or I also read about the Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Center? Do you suggest taking this sightseeing bus route?

Jin Mao Tower, Pearl Tower and Ocean Aquarium are together, and you can arrange a morning.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, People’s Park/People’s Square are together (within 100 meters), and Peace Hotel and Bund (the must see) are 15 minutes walk away from People’s Square.  Xin Tian Di is also within (long) walking distance, or one metro station away. I don’t suggest you to visit the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel – I call it stupid tunnel. You don’t need to use the sightseeing bus – taxi and metro are the way to visit Shanghai.

Am sorry to be imposing so much on you and your time. I have visited and read your blog 2-3 times and am very impressed with your first hand knowledge of Shanghai and your helpfulness to prospective visitors to Shanghai.  I hope you can help me plan an enjoyable trip for my family too. Thanks.

Welcome to my city and hope you have a good time in Shanghai.

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  1. A cheap and good hotel would be Yangtze Hotel opposite the Raffles City. Not Yangtze Renaissance (expensive!), but Yangtze Hotel. The address is 740 Han Kou Road, Shanghai P.r.c.#200001 . You can get more information from its web site.

    The hotel was renovated a couple of years ago. I went there in Sep last year with my husband and both of us were very satisfied with the room, as well as the service of the staff there.

    While you’re there, try to visit some “water villages” like Wu Zhen, Zhu Jia Jiao or Zhou Zhuang. I enjoyed my time in Zhu Jia Jiao even though it was short.

    Have fun in Shanghai! *:)



  2. Bailemen is clean and friendly enough, with good transportation. Stayed there in Aug07, very good choice for its price.

  3. Bailemen is clean and friendly enough, with good transportation. Stayed there in Aug07, very good choice for its price.

  4. Hi, I have a golden retriever and 2 small dogs. Can you suggest some parks where I can run the dogs and maybe some surrounding area within an hour or so of driving where I can take my dogs for a dip?


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