Lantern (Yuanxiao) Festival

Today is the Lantern Festival. I bought fireworks and fire it tonight.

For my readers who didn’t see the fireworks box – where the splendid fireworks come from, here is the photo:


There is a green thread at the side, and you can use match to light it.

Here you go!



From under it, it does not look very beautiful, but it IS very nice.

Fireworks outside my Office Window

From farther locations, fireworks looks better. Look at these photos I took after work in my office.



I like this one most:





4 thoughts on “Lantern (Yuanxiao) Festival

  1. Nice photos Jian Shuo. How do you take those amazing night photos? Do you have to put your camera on a special setting? Is it the Sony P8 that is giving you those great photos?

    What is the meaning of Yuanxiao? Any readers want to share?

  2. Most of the camera has a “fireworks” mode that you can use. If you don’t have that, and if it allows you to set the parameters, set the aperture long enough, and make the light compensation to -3, it also does the trick.

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