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Anyone noticed the newly launched International Channel Shanghai from Oriental TV? It is a new channel from Oriental TV, just like the News Channel, Drama Channel, Documentation Channel…

Finally, Shanghai has its own English TV channel. That is a great news for expats in Shanghai. In 2000, it is hard to find a good web page for Pudong Airport, and in 2008, Shanghai has it own English TV Channel, that is really good progress….

I am watching the program. For the news section, it is the translated from the News Channel. It is pretty effecient, because foreigners do deserve some information, although it does not neccessrily need to be completely newly shot.

I know ICS because of two reason. One – I stumbled upon the program on my TV, but didn’t pay too much attention. Second, Coco from ICS sent an invitation to me to attend a talkshow program on ICS channel. Hmmm… Maybe you will see the program in March – it is a talk show called Culture Matters… If you are expat, or foreign visitors, don’t worry. I heard the talk show will be in English.

P.S. I just saw Japanese language program on ICS also.

5 thoughts on “International Channel Shanghai – ICS

  1. Yeah, I knew this from my colleague when I first came here in Jan. 2008. It’s pretty cool because now I have two channels (CCTV9 & ICS) at home in English since I have no idea what they are talking about in other hundreds of Chinese channels.

    Sometimes, I feel bored with lots of shows on ICS, but I do like the Culture Matters show. Anyhow, I am looking forward to seeing you on that show, Jian Shuo.

  2. Noticed just now that we have this channel in Nanjing as well, not sure how long we have had it as it is channel #143 and I rarely flip through all the channels :)

    Be sure and update us when you know when the show will air, looking forward to it!

  3. Yes, Culture Matters show is in English.

    I am a fan of that show.

    looking forward your appearance in March.

    But,could you give us some tip of your topic?

    Jianshuo, what is your topic?

  4. Jian Shuo, We have a bunch of channels here with digital cable, there are well over a hundred channels, but all from China (no overseas channels), so that means there are channels from what seems to be every large city plus provencial level ones, though I haven’t watched much of most of them.

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