15 thoughts on “Snowing in SJTU (with Kijiji Logo)

  1. Shanghai is much warmer that many cities in China. But i see from the photo that it also experience a freezing winter.

  2. When I left PVG it had just started to snow. Nothing was accumulating so we didn’t need to get deiced. It sure is strange having snow there. Also, from your photos I now know exactly where your office is. I walk by it all the time. George

  3. When I looked at the 1st pic, I thought that it was taken in Russia…. Maybe it is the Soviet-looking buildings.

  4. I’m very sorry to hear on the international news, what devastating effects this weather has had throughout China. It was so helpful, when listening to news reports, to have already had your perspective about those people waiting at train stations, etc.

    And how cool (a pun!) that you made the kijiji promo in the snow like that. What fun if it happened to become visible by something like Google Earth :-)

  5. I really hope that our SIA flight can land at Pudong on Saturday… the forecast is looking pretty bad for Friday (just the day before), and I believe they expect huge delays and cancellations again at Pudong on Friday… :(

  6. @AussiePB: Please bring some green leafy vegetables along. They are very hard to get now. I am sure your in laws will appreciate them.

  7. George747: Do you work for NWA?

    Posted by: Давид on January 30, 2008 12:02 AM.

    No, UAL. I did train some Russian Pilots in 1994 in Denver. I still keep in touch with one who flies for Aeroflot.

  8. I could hardly believe it when I heard the news that it had snowed in Shanghai and Nanjing and points south. Thank you for the wonderful pics. The first is the route I would hurry down many mornings to my English class. Now I miss it more than ever; my students said it hadn’t really snowed in ten years. I missed that coming from a snowy region, and missed it again this year (by moving back–it snowed here too, and is about -10 C now)! Thanks and happy new year!

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