I am in Ninghai in Ningbo

I am in a company offsite meeting in Ninghai, Ningbo City. It is about 5 hour’s bus ride from Shanghai.


The Nanyuan Hot-Spring Resort is very nice – it reminds me of another similar resort: Chaminade in Santa Cruz. The feeling of nice hotel, good service, beautiful scene and all these hidden in the deep of mountains…

I will get back on Saturday.

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  1. It would be my first choice if I were out for trip, no doubt about it.

  2. the scenery is breathtaking!

  3. I love the Chaminade comparison. I’ve been to Chaminade many times. Did you do the “ropes” course there where there was a giant ladder suspended in the trees? That was a great team building experience. Anything like that in China?

  4. I went there last month ,nice place ,good choice for everyone

  5. this looks like a nice place for retreat from the buzzling city life of Shanghai.

  6. I think that maybe is zhenjiang hangzhou. sir

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