World Financial Center

Kenneth posted some nice picture from the top of World Financial Center (via These are the first bunch of photos from that high.

Photo Credit: Singaporeano

This is the top of Jinmao Tower – how many people are able to look at Jinmao from this direction?

Photo Credit: Singaporeano

Jinmao looks really tall from the top, even looks taller from this direction.

Photo Credit: Singaporeano

Photo Credit: Singaporeano

Jinmao and the Bund:

Photo Credit: Singaporeano

Jinmao and the other tall buildings at Lujiazui.

Photo Credit: Singaporeano

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Photo Credit: Singaporeano

Those guys are so brave – what if they fall?

Photo Credit: Singaporeano

I will keep report the progress of this very nice building.

P.S. I also heard that the world’s highest hotel will no longer be the Grant Hyatt. It will be Park Hyatt from 79th to 93rd floor. It will open in just 6 months!

3 thoughts on “World Financial Center

  1. Simply amazing!

    How tall will humans continue to build? Do we really need this? he he … I love it but I feel sometimes it’s just about showing power. What do you think?

  2. I agree. There is no point of havning this stupid competition of building the highest building in the world. It’s just all about image. And the local of this World Financial Center really sucks. The view of the Bund is blocked by Jinmao Tower. And how long will it stay to be the highest building before another country catches up?? 3 months perhaps. Such a big waste of time. Well..Good thing is the money is invested by Japanese companies.

  3. I guess I won’t be able to breath at that high place……

    Just think about nothing there 10 years ago, and what it looks like now, I am happy to witness everything happened there.


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