Weird Places in Shanghai via Google Earth

If you look at the Google Earth, and fly to Shanghai, you will find some very weird places – you may wonder what they are. Anyone want to guess what it is, or try to find it on Google Earth.



8 thoughts on “Weird Places in Shanghai via Google Earth

  1. things do look weird when seen from above. Anyway, i never been to shanghai, but i guess some places shown above are either railway station, reservoir, some factories or technology parks.

  2. Jian,

    These are great! More fun than sudoku.

    #1. At first glance picture one seems to be a runway layout but upon measuring the longest “runway” it is only about 2000 ft. Too short except for light aircraft. Also, runways are typically oriented north-south in the shangHai area. Zooming in, one can see cross members which look like all the metro construction going on in PVG. This is a metro station at the intersection of three lines.

    #2 I agree with Keith. PVG South RR Station

    #3 This is Shanghai Harbour City(Lingang City) or Luchao Harbour City 15 NM south of PVG airport. We fly over it on final approach when landing to the north. I have looked for it before on Google Earth but it was never there. It must be newly updated. It looks strange during low visibility approaches at night. All you see is a ring of lights glowing throught the darkness.

    #4 Century Park

    #5 Hmmm? Oil storage?

    #6 Hmmm? Road around something?

    #7 Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility

    #8 Science & Technology Museum & Subway Market

    #9 World Expo site

  3. George747, you are right for all the question you answered except #1. It is a metro station near the World Expo site. There are two lines intersecting there.

    #6 is the oil storage near Waigaoqiao.

    Yes. It is more interesting than sudoku. How about let’s play a game of “Where is it?” on Google Earth. That must be very interesting.

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