Summary of My 2007

At the beginning of a new year, I want to take some time to summarize my 2007.

  • Most memorable experience – Yifan was born on June 2, 2007. This is a big life changer.
  • Relaxing trip: the only long distance relaxing trip was to Cambodia, at the beginning of March
  • Trip I almost forgot: Only by checking my blog did I remember that I had made a Hong Kong trip. It was too short – just over night.
  • Kijiji finally starts to make some money, and this was remarkable for the team. I am also happy with the high-speed increase of the market and the business.
  • Wendy spent huge amount of time with Yifan and took care of the baby very well. I’d like to thank her for taking so much responsibility for the family.
  • The success heart surgery of my mother-in-law is a big blessing for the family.
  • Being selected as one of the Fellow in the Young Leaders Forum was the most exciting honor I got in this year. Meeting the great people is also the most interesting thing in this year.
  • The big organizational and cultural challenge in Kijiji in July was such a good thing for the team to build immune into the system and strengthen trust. We are much stronger.
  • Met with many top guys in technical field in Silicon Valley during my only US trip in September.
  • Yifan grows so happily and healthily. He is like the strawberry on the cake of our family. At the year end, he is coughing, and we spent last night/first morning of 2007/2008 taking care of Yifan. Although it is normal for kids of 6-7 months, we are really worried.

I am looking forward to a great 2008.

  • More inspiration. I am typical Intuition type of people, and I need continuous inspiration to keep me  excited. In 2008, the inspiration may comes from people I meet, from new business we enter, or travel, or simply from Yifan, and Wendy.
  • Continue to Observe the Changing China. 2008 is a year most people in China were longing for since 2001. With Olympics Games in Beijing, there must be many changes happening throughout the country. I may also shift a little bit to Beijing to cover more about the game.
  • Breakthrough in Kijiji. After 3 years of preparation, the next year is a great year for breakthrough. I am expecting a significant year for the business in 2008.
  • More time with Yifan. In 2008, Yifan will turn 1 year old, and it is the starting point for us to explorer the world together. We are expecting our first family travel.
  • More conscious of my life. I am expecting to bring more consciousness into my life, and build an even better "me" inside myself.

Welcome to 2008!

8 thoughts on “Summary of My 2007

  1. Congratulations in all your resolutions achieved and the best luck in the upcoming ones!

    Look fwd to continue reading your blog!

    All the best and a big hug!

  2. Jianshuo,

    Great meeting you in Shanghai today! Really enjoyed the dialogue both on-blog and out-of-blog. 2008 will be a great year of milestones for you just simply because of Yifan growing from 6 mos to 18 mos. This post inspires me to do the same…review the previous year…and think about what next year is meant to bring. And being thankful at the same time. This will take me much more than 32 minutes though. :) Thanks for the encouragement and sharing.

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