Kijiji Expanding Office

Kijiji is expanding to the 19th floor of the same building. The same day last year, we moved into our current office, and the new life in the office started from Jan 4, 2007.

One year later, we expanded from the 18th floor to the 19th, and we are looking forward to a completely new start.

Happy New Year to my brothers and sisters in Kijiji.


  1. Having a firm in IT industry is also my dream…

    You are my idol.

  2. Cong~~! It looks just like the lab I am in.

  3. 光线看上去不是很好,荧光灯很伤眼,而且显得冷淡

  4. 新年新希望。


  5. Great team with great teamwork.

  6. How would someone pitch an idea to do genealogy via Kijiji

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