YLFer Gather in Shanghai

This entry is intended to notify YLFers (Young Leaders Forum) participants about the FYLer gather in Shanghai. Hopefully, many of you have subscribed to the Young Leaders Forum Fellow Blog Feed, so you should be able to get this news very soon.

We had a wonderful gather for YLFers. Thanks for the business trip of Rose from Beijing, and organization of Haisong (and paying the bill), we finally had:

  • Rose, 2007 Fellow
  • Haisong, 2004 Fellow
  • Li Hong, 2003 Fellow
  • Zhang Yong, 2005 Fellow
  • Nick, 2005 Fellow
  • Jian Shuo, 2007 Fellow

So nice to see each other again after the Nanjing trip. It should be the first known gather after this year’s forum.

6 thoughts on “YLFer Gather in Shanghai

  1. Wow, you are all so efficient — when I saw the post, I thought you were still referring to the trip that ended in early December! Jon, Jan and I went to see (and listen to) George leading the excerpt of Mahler that he discussed at YLF — it sounded great!

  2. @June, I would admire you and Jon, Jan to be able to listen to George’s Mahler – that must be wonderful, and I am happy that there is another gather of you four in New York. In case you don’t know, the YLF gathering in Beijing is happening this Dec 22. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. hey guys ! this is the “developer from bombay” !!

    its great to hear that you guys got together. did you go salsa dancing? that bar in Nanjing was awesome. thanks to Haisong. i miss the great chinese food!! peace out!

  4. Hi Ashish, we missed you in our gather, and not a surprise, Haisong start to talk another joke :-) I just had Curry during the lunch. Missed the curry club. See you in the next year’s gather in U.S. The Beijing guys are gathering tomorrow.

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