Mourning for Victims of Nanjing Massacre

70 years ago, 300,000 civil residents were killed by Japanese troops. It was the most miserable night in the recent history.



  1. 70 years ago, Horrors started raining down on Nanjing on an unimaginable scale.

    Today, We pray for those lost souls resting in peace, we pray for the Japanese government and people have enough courage to face the history, and we pray that the history shall never repeat itself.

  2. Do not forget to think about this other Chineses who got killed by Chineses the 9th of June 1938…

    500,000 to 900,000 of them…. Just to slow the advance of the Japanese…

    Or do not forget another day in June 51 years after this dam.

    All the massacre are unacceptable, whatever it come from Japanese, Chinese, or whatsoever nationality.

  3. Do not forget the 1979 invasion of Vietnam… or do not forget the invasion of Tibet in 1950… or do not forget the assistance to the genocide in Darfur in 2006… or the invasion of India in 1962… etc…

  4. The John guy is either retarded or completely brainwashed by whatever government that has governed his pinhead…

  5. @ tyui&John

    (Make assumption only)

    Let say, you have a favorite aunt who died few years ago. When you mourn her on the anniversary date of her death, do you mourn your boyhood friend’s brother in-law who died due to drunk driving? Do your mourn your neighbor’s grand-grandfather who died duo to old age? Or do you mourn so and so who died due to cancer? … … all at the same time?

  6. @ILH, I think tyui, and John means the victim of both other countries, and of China, during the miserable time. I agree with them, that hate, ware, massacre are the enemy of the whole human society, not just a country. We memorize the Nanjing Massacre, not to repeat hate, but give us a chance to look back and make right decisions in the future.

  7. JS, I know what they said.

    With a little logic/reasoning skill, they also know what I meant.

  8. 問い




     why has the number of negative sects of

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     it is perhaps because the following book is published.




     this book is based on the confidential document

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    『南京事件 “証拠写真” を検証する』





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        參考 )







       charles cheung’s blog


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