SJTU Campus Starts to Charge for Parking

I work on Shanghai Jiao Tong University campus. The campus is located in the downtown of Xujiahui. It is very hard to find parking lot in that area. However, the campus was always a free parking space. I have friends who always park there – for free.

There are safety guards at the gate. You have to tell them the reason you need to enter the campus. Typically, if you know any address or name of this university, you can easily get in.

From yesterday, SJTU starts to charge 7 RMB per hour. This is the first charging campus in Shanghai. There are hot debates around it on newspaper. Many people think it is not appropriate for a public university to charge…

Emmm. I am happy I have an annual parking permit already.

4 thoughts on “SJTU Campus Starts to Charge for Parking

  1. Everywhere should charge for parking. Cars are evil monstrosities that pollute the air and destroy social interaction.

  2. u work in jiaotong? i’ll be studying chinese there next term…been to jiaotong once & liked it already.

    anyway in my country they charge students for parking but not 7 RMB though.

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