Hope for Microsoft Web Effort

I start to use the Windows Live application by Microsoft – I mean the client application tools, not the LIVE.COM services. It gave me much hope about the future of Windows Live.

When I use the first and second version of Windows Live, my comment was: "I see great hope in Microsoft Live product. It shares something in common with many great products from Microsoft – the first two versions are always garbage."

I am happy that I am right again. Although the first two versions of Microsoft Live Writer is not good, this version (version 12) works very well. It simply works without many bugs. I also enjoy using Microsoft Live Mail – using it as a client, the experience is just better than GMail – that is the strength of a desktop application over a web application. The new Microsoft Live Photo Gallery is also doing very well. Comparing to Picasa, I didn’t see significant weakness. Live Photo Gallery is even stronger in sorting according to date.

Jiayou, Microsoft.

2 thoughts on “Hope for Microsoft Web Effort

  1. it sounds good, i like perfect product, i like to discover wonderful things,

    really hope Mircrosoft’s Live Products could give me wonderful feeling.

  2. They also have a very nice Windows Live Mobile application that I use on my Motorola Q9H smart phone… now as well as staying connected to work email (outlook via airsynch), the net and normal phone services (voice, sms, mms, etc), I can also use windows live email, msn, and all other live components… very neat and simple to use – mind you, this new smart phone is an amazing piece of work. All the bugs have gone, and they’ve really got a winner with this one – much better than blackberry – now I’m completely connected around the globe anywhere I travel… (MOT have also now invested in a smart phone application for Facebook… I can’t wait until that one’s available too)… :p

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