Atlantis Launch Delayed

Just as many of my friends (and readers) in U.S and Europe started to pay attention to Shanghai news in their local TV station when we meet each other, I started to watch closely to launches of NASA after I meet with YLF fellow Chris.

The launch was scheduled to launch several days ago, and it is scheduled to launch today (Sunday), but it turned out to be postponed again because of the false reading from the engine cutoff sensor system. I watched NASA TV for some time at the due time, and found out nothing happened when it is approaching the launching time. NASA TV even didn’t provide any background sound, that I even thought I didn’t get any video from NASA TV, before I saw a helicopter flying in the background.

Image credit: NASA

Good luck to the Altantis and looking forward to its successful launch in early 2008. Good luck to Chris. It seems he has to wait for another one month or so to be really work in the Mission Control Center.

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