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This is what I sent to the YLF participants. I just realized that I need a short simple page of necessary information (not a list of all my 2000+ articles on Shanghai) for visitors who stay just one night. Here it is:

One Page Guide

Hi, welcome to Shanghai! I am sure will try my best to help! I am based in Shanghai, so feel free to let me know if you need any help in advance, or during the trip.

Here are some of articles I wrote about Shanghai, and hope it helps you to prepare your trip to Shanghai: (on top of the Astor hotel we are staying)

Transportation in Shangahi

Everything you should know about Taxi in Shanghai:

Maglev (highly recommend to take a ride). You can take taxi to Astor hotel from Maglev Long Yang Road Station.

General Planning Tips about Visiting Shanghai

West Meets East section – about culture shock you may observe.

If you bring your phone, maybe this Phone and Mobile section helps:

For information about the train you are going to take, check these entries:

These are some photos about the Z train from Shanghai to Beijing. I don’t have pictures about Shanghai to Nanjing train, but the newer train should be much more advanced than the train I show on the picture. So don’t worry about the train.

Hope these tips can help.

See you in Astor Hotel lobby!

Jian Shuo Wang

5 thoughts on “Shanghai Guide in a Page

  1. wow! are marvelous.i wonder if all you have to do is travel to give people accurate answers to their question=)

  2. My family and I plan to visit Shanghai during November, we want to visit Hangzhou also. Canyou give us some suggesstion and tips. Thanks.

    You have a good day. :-)

  3. Hello,

    I am 2 months old in Shanghai and my in-laws are visiting us in the first week of october.I need help on what places in Shanghai would interest them , also outside Shanghai ,where all can I take them ?

  4. Hi Duckie and Andy

    I would like to sugguest:

    In Shanghai

    1) Yu Yuan (Yu Garden) near the Bund

    2) The Bund & Fuzhou Road

    3) People’s Square

    Out-skirt of Shanghai

    1) Zhujiajiao

    2) Chongming Island

    Cities nearby Shanghai:

    1) Hangzhou – Thousand islands Lake & Tonglu

    2) Suzhou

    3) Nanjing

  5. i have 10 days in shanghai and 7 days in beijing. Your weblog has been very helpful. especially for shanghai! can you suggest places we might like to visit outside of beijing??

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