Shanghai Guide in a Page

This is what I sent to the YLF participants. I just realized that I need a short simple page of necessary information (not a list of all my 2000+ articles on Shanghai) for visitors who stay just one night. Here it is:

One Page Guide

Hi, welcome to Shanghai! I am sure will try my best to help! I am based in Shanghai, so feel free to let me know if you need any help in advance, or during the trip.

Here are some of articles I wrote about Shanghai, and hope it helps you to prepare your trip to Shanghai: (on top of the Astor hotel we are staying)

Transportation in Shangahi

Everything you should know about Taxi in Shanghai:

Maglev (highly recommend to take a ride). You can take taxi to Astor hotel from Maglev Long Yang Road Station.

General Planning Tips about Visiting Shanghai

West Meets East section – about culture shock you may observe.

If you bring your phone, maybe this Phone and Mobile section helps:

For information about the train you are going to take, check these entries:

These are some photos about the Z train from Shanghai to Beijing. I don’t have pictures about Shanghai to Nanjing train, but the newer train should be much more advanced than the train I show on the picture. So don’t worry about the train.

Hope these tips can help.

See you in Astor Hotel lobby!

Jian Shuo Wang


  1. wow! are marvelous.i wonder if all you have to do is travel to give people accurate answers to their question=)

  2. My family and I plan to visit Shanghai during November, we want to visit Hangzhou also. Canyou give us some suggesstion and tips. Thanks.

    You have a good day. :-)

  3. Hello,

    I am 2 months old in Shanghai and my in-laws are visiting us in the first week of october.I need help on what places in Shanghai would interest them , also outside Shanghai ,where all can I take them ?

  4. Hi Duckie and Andy

    I would like to sugguest:

    In Shanghai

    1) Yu Yuan (Yu Garden) near the Bund

    2) The Bund & Fuzhou Road

    3) People’s Square

    Out-skirt of Shanghai

    1) Zhujiajiao

    2) Chongming Island

    Cities nearby Shanghai:

    1) Hangzhou – Thousand islands Lake & Tonglu

    2) Suzhou

    3) Nanjing

  5. i have 10 days in shanghai and 7 days in beijing. Your weblog has been very helpful. especially for shanghai! can you suggest places we might like to visit outside of beijing??

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