Paying Bills with SHFFT.COM

This month, I started to handle the bills – Wendy shifted her duty about this apart to me – after doing it for 8 years for us.

Paying bills is easy in Shanghai. Thanks for Shanghai FFT.

It was established in 2003 as a government project. Now they have several banks and public service companies connected with the system.

You can pay

  • Mobile Phone Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill

They have other features like online train, movie, performance tickets, but it is not new or unique. The ability to pay household bill online is a feature that makes the service different from any other B2C sites.

They even have English version. Look for the English version link on the top-right corner.

The Company

The investor of the company includes many big names like: Shanghai Information Investment Company, Shanghai Telecom, PayUnion, Shanghai Water Company, Shanghai Post… You can see – a company with strong government background.

Hope you enjoy paying with FFT.

7 thoughts on “Paying Bills with SHFFT.COM

  1. In the US it has been around for awhile too, but I have to go to 8 different sites to pay my bills. would be nice if it were centrally located…

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  3. Well I tried FFT to pay my water bill.

    I could only log in via the Chinese version. The English one did not work. Neither the payment via bill check and pay and via bar code way. Both of them failed, because of server or other errors.

    I got so frustrated typing in the digits all over again, I’d rather go to the post office to pay the bills.

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